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After everything you changed into a person that you ain’t . 

that piss me off alot. You’re not a player so can you stop pretending now?

Been Running In and Out of My Mind

Tell me that you’ll change,do the same thing boy i’m tried of playing games.

Two days ago..

Dear the boy once was my heart & soul, 

i’m glad that we lasted a convo without fighting, arguing ,and dizzing at each other.

i don’t know what to say, but ever since we broke up i felt like i grew up more and gotten stronger.♥ 

but i realized that whatever is holding me back is not you. Buncha memories that we had are the ones that is holding me back from everything. i’m sorry…

how we started out and everything, how i told you i hated the “always & forever” words because those words are fucking fake. Time goes on our’s relationship got stronger how we feel about each other and how we understand each other more. 

i still remember how you broke my heart into million pieces.before our One month you dated another chick.. i know that you hated it when i talk about it but straight up i still think i was stupid enough to take you back into my life. how can i be so in love with you? 

i did thought that you were my missing piece of the puzzle, but after all the up’s and down’s we didn’t make it to the other side of the ” we belong together” haha :))

How we ended up now isn’t your fault or my fault, just we’re never meant to be.

How you told me that you were super duper sad, because of how i talked to different boys on my Facebook and how i fucked around with them. i’m sorry but at that moment i already know that i’ll never get back with you again .

From all the break ups and make ups i’m finally awaken myself from that dream. the dream of how we both think that we’re going to last forever. but then i told you from the beginning nothing will last forever . things get worn out. but you didn’t believe me.

How i moved on leaving you behind waiting for me to come back ..dayummnn just thinking about it make me sick.

after everything, i did start treating you like SHIT. ! because you were so out of control and you were all up on my Facebook smacking shit into my friend’s face. you were REALLY MEAN did you know that ? 

Your jealousy gotten you out of control. [ like always ]

i’m not going to get into too much details about our’s fairy tale. and telling the world buncha shit you did to me that hurt me so much. i forgive but i won’t forget. i think you know me well enough. 

You finally showed up starting a convo, that was cute of you . 

Then we skype like back in the days.

and then…. i sang to you . it was your favorite song too . :))

i did tryda get us back to where we started before but i can’t for some reason.

imma get this out of my chest ..

i’m sorry but i can’t love you like i once loved you before. even though how hard i tried but the feeling that i had for you before is gone babe. 

Our’s Fairy tale story is over. i’m gonee

everything was sweet before and now it so bitter.

I’m back♥

Finally, been awhile ever since things happened. 

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